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2016 CCW Primitivo

2016 CCW Primitivo
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Wine Specs
Horse Heaven Hills
Vineyard Designation
Horse Heaven Hills AVA
Harvest Date
September 20st, 2016
Bottling Date
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Bright and spicy notes are noticeable right away. There is a raspberry tea note mixed with chocolate and spice. The flavors are jammy like a fruit roll up. A generous mouthfeel with uplifting finish. 
Vineyard Notes
2016 was a warm vintage in Washington State. The high heat units pushed forward harvest and many white grapes were picked in late August, a week or two ahead of average. In the spring, we had lots of wet weather that helped with the early season growth. The sun was out and shining through Summer, but temperatures never got over 100 degrees. There was some smoke in the air but instead of causing problems it helped mitigate some of the heat. The steady warm season was very consistent, without extreme highs the grapes ripened without being stressed. It was a great vintage. 
Winemaker Notes
This is always one of the most beautiful grapes we harvest. The clusters call to you to eat them. They are big and flavorful. It only takes one cluster per shoot to get the desired harvest weight. Sometimes we even cut the clusters in half. It’s all in the sake of making the best wines we can. I had never worked with Primitivo before coming to Coyote Canyon and feel like I am starting to know the varietal better after seven vintages. I continue to like the way a little Merlot feels in the blend and even added a touch of Barbera this year. This wine drinks great with tacos.